Notes from Storytime:

Picture books and music work together well and they are a great way to involve pre-schoolers in the reading with you! Many books lend themselves to singing along, but these are particularly musical:

Violet’s Music by Angela Johnson: (for ages 3-5) Violet loves to play music all day every day, but where are other kids she can play with?
Reading tip: Violet uses all kinds of ordinary objects to make her music. When Violet plays, try to play along with her. Anything can be an instrument--clinking spoons, cardboard tubes, pots and pans, boxes of pasta or rice, or humming on a comb with wax paper over it.

Punk Farm by Jarrett L. Krosoczka: (for ages 2-5) When the farmer goes to bed, the animals rock out all night long with a wild rendition Old MacDonald.
Reading tip: Sing along with the animals! Have fellow readers repeat the rock-n-roll sounds back to you—the sillier the better.

This Jazz Man by Karen Ehrhardt: (for ages 2-5) A reprise of “This Old Man” featuring big band sounds and instruments.
Reading tip: If you don’t feel that you are doing the jazz sounds justice, check out the CD Go Baby Go!, which plays classic children’s songs in different jazz styles.

Make your own Kazoo:

You will need:
Wax paper
Bath tissue tube
Rubber band
Single-hole punch
Optional: magazine pictures, stickers, markers, yarn

1. Punch a hole in one side of the tube about 2 inches from one end.
2. Wrap wax paper around the end of the tube with the hole. Don’t cover the hole.
3. Secure the wax paper with the rubber band.
4. Decorate your kazoo with stickers or markers or by gluing on magazine pics or yarn. Hum, talk, or sing through the open end to make noise!

Stay Noisy!
-Miss Emily


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