Your Resume is Now More Important Than Ever

In an increasingly competitive job market, it is more essential than ever that your resume gets the attention your career demands. Although in years past there were just a few basic rules for writing a great resume, today many of these traditional rules no longer apply. The job market is changing, and your resume needs to keep pace. However, the following elements should always go in your resume, regardless of the position for which you are applying or your level of experience:

  • Employment dates: You can increase your odds of a response by including them
  • Job titles, in order to provide a generic identification that employers will understand
  • A core competencies/keyword section to aid employers in the electronic scanning of resumes, a practice that is becoming more prevalent
  • A job objective: Although this is really a personal judgment call, an objective gives the reader focus and clearly defines just what it is you can offer
  • Education: List wherever it helps your case the most
  • Endorsements: Used sparingly, a testimonial or two can be impressive
  • Accreditation and licenses; professional affiliation
The Mercer County Library System holds an extensive collection of resume writing books. Two of these are:

Resumes That Knock ‘em Dead

and Step-By-Step Resumes.

In addition, the Lawrence, Ewing and Hightstown Branches offer resume writing assistance, so be sure to take advantage of this free service!



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