Are we there yet?

Don’t let the backseat blues happen to you! Check out these suggestions to make those miles in a car or plane fly by.

Across America

Way Cool License Plate Book
By Leonard Wise

Our Fifty States: a family adventure across America
By Lynne Cheney

Where’s Waldo
By Martin Handford

Enigma: a magical mystery
By Graeme Base

Minute Mysteries: brainteasers, puzzlers, and stories to solve
By Jennifer Hirsch

Boredom Blasters
By Susan Todd

Fun on the Run: travel games and songs
By Joanna Cole

Travel Games for the Family
By Marie Boatness

Car sick? Why not listen to a book via: CD, cassette tape, Playaway, or download a book from anywhere in the world (with you library card #) at Listen NJ?

-Miss Emily


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