What Do I Read Next???

One of the questions I often get while working at the library concerns helping people to books related to a title they just enjoyed. For example, a parent comes to the Reference Desk and says, "My daughter is not a big reader, but she just read a book she loves. Can you recommend books similar to it?"

More often than not, I turn to NoveList, which is one of our many electronic resources available to Mercer County Library System card holders. NoveList allows you to find books based on criteria from a book you've previously enjoyed.

Let's say you or your teenager enjoyed the book, The Declaration by Gemma Malley. By easily searching NoveList, you can find the entry for The Declaration, and see additional information about the book (summary, descriptors/subject headings, reading level, etc.). The book's entry in NoveList includes a link to "Find Similar Books," which allows you to begin selecting the desired criteria for your next book. You can view a short online video demonstrating an example search in NoveList.

When using the "Find Similar books" mechanism in NoveList, criteria options include:

  • selecting subjects/keywords in order to focus on topics or themes you enjoy;

  • specifying whether you only want books that have won awards;

  • choosing what reading level you prefer (e.g., adults, teens, older kids, or younger kids); and

  • specifying whether you only want books that include book reviews
The "Find Similar Books" option is just one of the tools available to find books of interest to you in NoveList. As always, please don't hesitate to ask a librarian for help in either navigating NoveList or determining what your next book will be!

-Anna, Hopewell Branch


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