Show Some Style!

If you want your Word document to look great, but don’t want to spend time on formatting it, use the Styles feature in Word 2007. With just a click you can create a document with a lot of pizzazz. A style is a set of formatting characteristics, such as size, color, font name, spacing and paragraph alignment that can be used to customize the appearance of your document. By using a set of coordinated styles, you can make sure that your document is formatted consistently throughout.

To use the Styles feature, click on the Home tab, and then go to the Styles group. Make sure to select your document, or the part of it that you want to apply the style to. Then, scroll over the different styles that are offered in the gallery of Styles. You’ll get a live preview of what your document will look like if you choose a particular style. Find the one you like and then simply click the button and Viola you have created a document with a lot of flair.

Make sure to select the text before you apply a style!

-Rina B.


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