What’s so great about an Empty Picture Frame?

Every once in a while you come upon a feature that you wish you could find in most programs. In Microsoft Publisher, that tool is the Empty Picture Frame, which is a great way to insert a picture in your document. To find the Empty Picture Frame: locate the Objects Toolbar at the very left of the main Publisher window. The fifth icon from the top is the Picture Frame. When you click on it, a menu will open. Find and click on Empty Picture Frame. Your cursor will change into a plus sign. Hold the left mouse button down and drag the mouse diagonally until you have the picture frame size that you prefer. Now here’s the beauty of inserting a picture into an empty picture frame:
  • You don’t have to spend any time re-sizing the picture since it fit inside your perfectly, pre-sized picture frame.
  • The picture is inserted exactly where you want it, so you don’t have to fritter away your precious hours trying to fix your text, which would have gotten disordered had you inserted a picture without using an empty picture frame.
    Once you have created your picture frame, you can use a picture that you have scanned and saved on your computer, or use a picture from your camera, and of course, you can always ClipArt!

You can also control how the text flows around the picture. Make sure to select the picture, and then click the Text Wrapping on the Picture toolbar or on Arrange (on the toolbar) and then Text Wrapping. You can choose from four options: Square, Tight, Through, Top and Bottom. If you need even more control, click Edit wrap points and you will see more handles appear that you can pull in our out, up or down and really customize the way the text will wrap around that picture.

- Rina B.


  1. I tried it and it's very useful. Someone suggested going to office.microsoft.com for images to copy and their clip art was excellent.


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