Fun with Fall Leaves

Whether hiking or playing in the park, it can be hard for kids to resist collecting the bright leaves as mementos. What should you do with all these leaves?
Read Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert for inspiration. In it, she rearranges leaves and other common autumn objects to form people, animals, and landscapes. Glue or tape leaves, dry beans, twigs, nuts, or pebbles onto paper to form your own fanciful fall scene.
Other Easy Leaf projects:

1. Leaf rubbings: Use fresh, flat leaves with large veins. Place the leaves face down under regular printer paper, take the paper off a crayon, and rub. You can also take the paper and crayons on your next walk to collect rubbings of tree bark, car tires, and other textured objects.

2. Pressed leaves are great for decorating windows, homemade greeting cards, tables, or Christmas trees. On the gloomiest, grayest day of winter they are bright reminders of warmer times. The following website has four easy methods of preserving leaves, depending on the kind of leaf and what you want to do with them afterwards:

3. Leaf Placemats: even the littlest leaf lovers will be able to do this. You will need 2 placemat-sized pieces of contact paper, flat leaves, and glitter. Lay one piece of contact paper sticky side up and add your fall treasures. Sprinkle with glitter and put the other piece of contact paper on top.

- Miss Emily


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