Thanksgiving Fun

What did people eat at the First Thanksgiving? What did Pilgrim kids do for fun? What happened to the Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians afterwards? Answer all your Thanksgiving questions at the library! We have many books on this topic, but these stand out for their balance and for being fun to read:

1621: A New Look at Thanksgiving by Catherine O’Neill
Giving Thanks: the 1621 Harvest Feast by Kate Waters
Celebrate Thanksgiving by Deborah Heiligman

Here is a game for 2 people played by Wampanoag children, though there are a number of variations on the rules:

You will need:
10 twigs or popsicle sticks
4 pebbles, peach pits, or shells
Paint one half of the pebbles blue, and half yellow (or whatever colors you wish).
Decorate the sticks if you like.

How to Play:
Each person gets 5 sticks.
The first person throws the pebbles like dice.
If all the pebbles have the same color showing, collect 2 sticks from the other player.
If 2 are yellow, and 2 are blue, give 1 stick to the other player.
If there is any other combination, no sticks are exchanged.
Then the other player gets to shake the pebbles.

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Happy Thanksgiving!
- Miss Emily


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