Gifts for Geeks

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your favorite geek? Confused about the mp3 players, netbooks, and digital cameras on their wish list? Like last year, the hot items are going to be GPS units and mp3 players. In addition, Windows 7 will spur a new interest in PCs and eBook readers should be hot items in 2009. There are plenty of places online that offer some shopping help. Here are some of our favorite guides:

GeekDad blog from Wired - features gifts for adults as well as those appropriate for younger geeks, in a variety of price ranges. With a focus on the unusual, this is the place to start if you are looking for a Jedi bathrobe or book on how to build a flamethrower.

Cnet Holiday Gift Ideas - Cnet is one of the top sites to turn to all year for reviews and news on the latest in technology. At this time of year, they collect the hottest trends, editor's picks and user favorites all in a handy tech gift guide. Handy features of the site include videos demonstrating the products and reviews from users, so you get some idea of how the product performs in the real world.

Digital Trends - This guide is pretty straight-forward and easy to follow, opting for a simple picture and review style and cutting out the user ratings, videos and sidebars. Gift ideas are arranged by type, such as cell phone, laptop, etc. The lists are a little short, but serve as a good starting point.

PC World Holiday Gift Guide - Like cnet, PC World is one of the top places to turn to for tech reviews and news and they have also created a gadget gift guide. The top products from the year are highlighted and arranged in easy to navigate lists based on tech category.

Tom's Guide to Kid Tech - The popular Tom's Hardware Site has created a guide for parents looking for techy gifts for kids from baby to teen. In addition to the usual gadgets, the list also includes technology-based toys.

Happy Shopping!
- Laura N.


  1. I also love Boing Boing's gift guide -- they have a gadgets section [],plus five other parts: Kids, Media, Nonfiction, Fiction, & Comix, Art Books, etc.


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