Holiday Helper: Mail Merge

Just in time for the holidays - the annual family brag letter, and how Mail Merge can help!

What is a mail merge?

Say you’ve had a very exciting year 2009: You went trekking in the Himalayas; went bungee jumping over Victoria Falls; on the way back ran into a famous celebrity who invited you to his beach house in Key West for New Years Eve; and to top it all, you got your book of poems published! Now wouldn’t you like to share all this great news and terrific pictures with the rest of your family and friends? You could type up a form letter-that’s easy. But you would like to personalize each letter with the name of the recipient. Forget addressing each letter with the person’s name by hand - you don’t want horrible finger cramps, you still have to wrap presents.

Mail Merge is the answer: you can use Mail Merge to insert the name of each recipient from Auntie Anne to Cousin Zelda in a matter of minutes. Mail Merge will combine your letter with a list of recipients and produce one letter for each person on your list. Your letter to everybody will contain identical text, graphics and formatting; but the letter will be personalized to address each individual recipient by name/title.

After you are done using mail merge for your letters, use mail merge to generate mailing labels which will save you a lot of time during the holiday season.

To play the slideshow, click the arrow. To view in full-screen, click the full icon in the lower left corner of the slideshow controls.

Have fun!

- Rina B.


  1. Thanks for the tips on mail merge. The slideshow was great, very easy to follow and learn how to do this painful task.


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