It’s a Wrap

One of my old college roommates has recently challenged me to repurpose and reuse more. I’ve been extending this to wrapping gifts—for all occasions. Here are some kid friendly versions of my experiments so far.

Stamping: This tried and true method is a lot of fun. I use paper grocery bags or scrap paper. For stamps I cut an old, dry sponge. If you want a fancy shape, cookie cutters make good templates, and handprints are always cute. I added some glitter to mine (which is an inside-out gift bag) while the paint was wet.
Wrap first: Newspaper or magazine pages make a great background. Wrap up your gift, then glue on whatever small, extra things are lying around. I used pieces of tissue paper because I liked the way the newsprint shows through them.
Gift tags: A small scrap left over after wrapping makes a good gift tag. These were done with fingerprints. If you have any homemade wrapping ideas or tips to share, I would love to know about them.
- Miss Emily


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