Easy as Pie

Check out these great options to introduce young chefs to the kitchen.

Best Book Tie-ins
Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook by Georgeanne Brennan: whip up zany sounding concoctions like “Brown Bar-ba-loots’ Truffula Fruits” with very little time and few ingredients

Addy’s Cook Book by American Girls Collection: easy historical Southern recipies, each with background about where it came from and how it was served

Best for Preschool Helpers

The Children’s Step-by-Step Cook Book by Angela Wilkes: with photographs for each step and each ingredient this is also a great way to build a vocabulary of foods and kitchen tools

Salad People by Mollie Katzen: all vegetarian and with illustrated steps that kids can follow and text for adults detailing how even the youngest hands can join in

Best with Older Kids
The Spatulatta Cookbook by Isabella and Olivia Gerasole: written by the young hosts of spatulatta.com, this features fun recipies with photographs and simple instructions along with basic tips for things like setting the table and cleaning up

Big snacks, little meals: after school, dinnertime, anytime by Rose Dunnington: tasty, quick treats for all occasions—and much healthier than Hot Pockets

Best International Series

Hindu Festivals Cookbook by Kerena Marchant: This example is from the series “Holiday Cookbooks from Around the World” and includes background on the traditions surrounding the recipies. The ingredients can be found at any grocery store and the simple dishes have photographs for each step.

Cooking the Lebanese way: revised and expanded to include new low-fat and vegetarian recipes by Suad Amari: This is an example from the series “Easy Menu Ethnic Cookbooks” which include countries from all continents. They have fewer photos but all the recipes are short and simple.

- Miss Emily


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