New Year’s Resolutions @ Your Library

According to some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions include: losing weight, managing debt, quitting smoking, and reducing stress at work.

Come December 31st, I don’t have any problems coming up with a New Year’s resolution. There are myriad choices of things I’d like to pledge for the New Year. Exercise more? Organize my ever-growing stash of photographs into albums? Join a book club? Try a new recipe every week? Start volunteering? I try to choose ONE resolution . . . sticking with the resolution is the hard part!

To help you successfully fulfill your New Year’s resolution, search our catalog to take advantage of our library collection. You may be surprised to see what we have! Whether you’re looking for materials about managing money, organizing your home, or reducing stress, you may uncover DVDs, books, CDs and other materials from our collection that could help you keep your New Year's resolution.

Also, remember to look at the programs and events that each of our branches offer. You may find a one-time or recurring program that fits right in with your New Year’s resolution.

Happy 2010!
- Anna, Hopewell Branch


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