2010 National Women’s History Month: Writing Women Back into History

In preparation for the 30th anniversary of the National Women’s History Project, I tested my knowledge of women’s history with a quiz from the organization’s web site . I won’t tell you my final score, because it’s embarrassing. Not only did I not know who the first woman to run for President was, I had no idea the first woman to even run for President was in 1872.

2010's overarching theme, Writing Women Back into History, alludes to how women’s history seems to be written in “invisible ink;” their contributions tend to be omitted from historical recollections. This year’s theme highlights pivotal themes from years past, covering women’s achievements in numerous areas (e.g., ecology, art, sports, politics, etc.).

Our collection contains many jewels available to you for celebrating National Women's History Month. Take a look in our online catalog to find items about women's history of interest to you. A sampling includes:

And of course, as always, take a look at MCL’s program calendars for both adult programs and youth programs to find out about Women’s History Month events taking place at our branches.

-- Anna, Hopewell Branch


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