What’s New in the Catalog

Several updates have been made to the library catalog since the new version was released last year.  Many of the new features that have been added enhance searching and ways to manage your account online.  To help you get to know these changes better, here is a run-down of what to look for when searching:

Zero (null) searching. If you enter nothing in the search box and hit search, you will get a list of everything the library system owns, with the most recently released items first.  If you also pick a media type (DVD, Books on CD, etc.) from the All Fields drop-down box and then do a null search, you get a list of the most recently published items that have been added to the system.

New book lists and USA Today bestsellers.  In the middle rotating book display, we now offer the USA Today bestsellers and new book lists in the drop-down.  We currently offer new lists for fiction, picture books and young adult books with more lists planned for the near future.

Sort by.  Once you have done a search, you can now sort the results by title, author or publication date.  There is a drop-down with these options on the right side of the top bar on the search results screen.

Holds and copies information.  The results and detail display screens now also include the number of holds on a title and the number of copies owned by the system, in addition to the number of copies available.  Keep in mind that you still need to click on the title to get to the detail display screen and see which branch owns the copies, if they are checked in at your branch or where they are located on the shelf.

Text this to me button.  The final change to the results screens is the addition of the Text This To Me button.  This can be found on both the results and detail display screens, as well as in the Select an Action drop-down.  This feature allows you to text yourself the information about the book, just enter a phone number and pick your carrier.  Standard message rates apply.  You will receive a text message indicating the title, author and shelf location.

My Lists shelf number. If you use the My List feature as a way to create wish lists or bibliographies, you will now see the preferred shelf location listed along with the title information.  This information will also appear on any printed or e-mailed lists created with the My List feature.

My Account information.  As requested by several patrons, the address information has been removed from your online account display.  The default tab now only includes the option to change your PIN and the Preferences bar.  If you wish to change the default tab to something else, you may do so by clicking preferences and picking a new default My Account tab, then clicking update.

Holds display.  In My Account, the holds tab has had a few features added, including the ability to cancel a hold suspension and cleared language regarding hold status.  Items that are not yet available will be listed as pending, items ready for pick-up will be listed as available and those you have suspended will be listed as suspended.

- Laura N.