Quick and Easy Faux Stained Glass

Several weeks ago I was frantically searching for an easy and engaging craft  for my “Passport to Fun” class. Each week this class explores a country either by making a craft or preparing a dish native to that country. That particular week I was planning to cover Singapore. I really wanted to focus on the Merlion, which is considered to be the mascot of Singapore. I saw a few crafts online, but nothing that
stood out. Then I remembered a craft that we hadn’t done in years: Faux Stained Glass.

You will need:
Permanent Markers
Transparency Film or sheets
A Picture to Copy
Duct Tape – any color (optional)

1.       Place the transparency film over the picture that you have chosen and secure it with tape.

2. Trace the picture with a black permanent mark. I found that varying the               
 thickness of my lines made my picture more visually interesting.
3. Color in the picture with the other permanent markers.
4. Remove the transparency film from picture.
5. Use the duct tape to create a frame by taping the edges of the transparency. 

6. Hang your picture in a window and enjoy your Faux stained glass!

- Michelle C.


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