James Bond Turns 60!

Casino Royale, the novel by Ian Fleming that introduced James Bond to the world, was published on April 13th, 1953.  The fictional British Secret Service agent, code name 007, has been featured in novels, television and radio shows, comic strips and video games, not to mention the second-highest grossing film franchise to date which began in 1962 with Dr. No, starring Sean Connery as Bond.

To catch you up on the life and adventures of 007, The Mercer County Library System has a comprehensive collection of James Bond books and movies worth checking out.  In addition to Ian Fleming’s novels and the scores of films featuring the world-famous secret agent, be sure to put these on your list:

Bond On Bond : Reflections On 50 Years Of James Bond Movies
By Roger Moore

From the girls to the villains, the cars to the cocktails, and oh-so-many gadgets, Bond on Bond has it all. This sumptuous book is illustrated with over 400 hundred iconic images from all the films - including many previously unseen photos from the Bond archive and photos from Moore's personal collection.  And while there have been other actors that have taken on the coveted role of James Bond, Moore, the longest starring 007, is certainly one of the most renowned and beloved. Written with all the affection and good humor he brought to the role, his charming wit and charismatic personality come through on every page.  This is the ultimate Bond book written by the ultimate insider and, for this reason, Bond on Bond is not to be missed. It will dazzle and delight 007 fans of all ages and, without a doubt, leave them feeling both shaken and stirred.

The Art Of Bond: From Storyboard To Screen:The Creative Process Behind The James Bond Phenomenon
By Laurent Bouzereau

This book gives readers an insider's look at the Bond evolution from storyboard to screen, through all-new interviews with the series' creative talents, as well as previously unseen art and behind-the-scenes photography from all 21 films. Actors (including the newest Bond, Daniel Craig), producers, directors, writers, and designers share their stories about the making of the films and how their groundbreaking work has influenced other prominent filmmakers. Published to coincide with the fall 2006 release of the Bond film, "Casino Royale," and profusely illustrated with exclusive images from the Eon Archive, this book is a visual tribute to an incomparable cinematic icon.

The Science Of James Bond : From Bullets To Bowler Hats To Boat Jumps, The Real Technology Behind 007's Fabulous Films
By Lois H. Gresh and Robert E. Weinberg

“A lighthearted examination of the real-world truths behind the fantasy world of 007. Can a tossed bowler hat really decapitate a man? Can a car really fly, or turn into a submarine? Can a simple wristwatch do all the wondrous things Bond's watches have done over the years, from garroting people to detonating bombs to shooting out laser beams? The authors take none of this too seriously: the book is written in the spirit of the Bond films, with a wink and a nod. But there is a wealth of fascinating information here for fans of Fleming's superspy, and some readers might be surprised at just how many of the fictional gadgets were based on, or evolved into, real pieces of hardware.”—Booklist

 “Gresh and Weinberg, having surveyed the science of supervillains and superheroes, turn to Bond and all the wonderful toys conjured up for him by Q, as well as the weapons created by his enemies. They explain how "dirty bombs" work while noting that Goldfinger's plot to contaminate Fort Knox with one wouldn't work, because the radiation would turn gold into liquid mercury. Biological agents were also used by one of Bond's foes. Fortunately, Hugo Drax's Moonraker scheme to destroy humankind with a poison made from orchids was fairy tale stuff. Readers might check out the appendix on the Bond martini first, so they'll have something to sip while enjoying this lively read.”—Publishers Weekly

Bond Girls are Forever: The Women of James Bond
By Maryam D'Abo and John Cork

Teaming with anecdotes, first-person testimony and visual commentary, this lavishly illustrated book reveals the history and mystique behind the Bond women in all their roles and the effect those roles have had on 007, the lives of the actresses, and on pop culture.

“Since Ian Fleming wrote Casino Royale in 1953, Bond girls have been quintessential American sex symbols. Sexy, dazzling and self-assured, the character has been ogled by men and lambasted by feminists in all of its incarnations. D’Abo, who played Kira Milovy in the James Bond film The Living Daylights, and Cork (co-author of James Bond: The Legacy) walk readers through over 50 years of Bond girl history in this alluring volume, which celebrates the character as a role model and as a groundbreaking achievement in film. The authors offer summaries and studies of every Bond film, emphasizing the Bond girl’s role in each one, and share quotes from Bond girls such as Ursula Andress, Halle Berry, Honor Blackman and Jane Seymour. Using fantastic photos, analytical discussion and primary source material, the authors show how far the Bond girl has come since the world became enamored with the first iconic image of her rising out of the sea wearing a bikini with a knife strapped on to it.”—Publishers Weekly

James Bond: The Legacy
By John Cork and Bruce Scivally

“James Bond:  women want him, and men want to be him. It's hard to do justice to such a mythic character, but documentary producers Cork and Scivally manage just that with this volume, a tasty feast for any 007 aficionado. An oversized book with more than 550 illustrations, it's essentially a lengthy love letter to one of the greatest film franchises of all time. The authors occasionally drift into the melodramatic (e.g., "What would a world be like without Bond?" they wonder), but also bring a host of juicy behind-the-scenes tales to the table, including battles with UK censors over the moniker Pussy Galore, one of the most celebrated of all Bond seductresses. This snazzy book adroitly fits the bill.”—Publisher’s Weekly 

“This detailed, photo-rich tome chronicles the Bond story and beyond; the text not only offers background on the character and the productions but juxtaposes him within the world's political climate, which the films reflect. Our man 007 has inspired imitators from Indiana Jones to Austin Powers, but there's no substitute for the original, and this title offers a detailed dossier of facts and photos that fans will find essential.” —Library Journal

The Man With the Golden Touch: How the Bond Films Conquered the World
By Sinclair McKay

“Not a making-of film book, like so many others, but rather an exploration of the themes and impact of the James Bond movies, this lively volume is sure to appeal to fans of 007. The author, clearly a huge Bond fan himself, writes with a wry tone, but he's brimming with knowledge and insight. He compares and contrasts the movies to their source material, Ian Fleming's novels and short stories, and he fills the book with delightful Bond arcana. Fans know, for example, that Bond's first screen appearance was in 1954, on American television, where he was a CIA agent called Jimmy, but do they also know that in 1956 a British actor, Bob Holness, played Bond in a South African radio dramatization? Or that, in the early 1980s, the films' producers seriously considered replacing Roger Moore with James Brolin? McKay explores the key ingredients of a Bond movie: Maurice Binder's titles, Ken Adam's mammoth sets, the Bond girls, a star who looks like he could kill (and who looks good in fine clothes) and he examines the wide-ranging impact the movies have had on pop culture.  A splendid book, packed with information and combining astute analysis with the enthusiasm of a hard-core fan.”—Booklist

“McKay writes in a breezy, chatty style, as if perpetually in between mouthfuls of popcorn; he remains raptly focused on aesthetics and eyeball impact while still teasing out underlying sexual and geopolitical themes. A scintillating read that's often more entertaining than the movies themselves.”—Publisher’s Weekly

“Thoroughly researched and documented yet fetching in tone and style, McKay's fun, smart, and informative book gracefully treads the criticism/entertainment border.”—Library Journal

- Lisa S.


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    I have not seen this one and now feel I must do so soon.
    Loved your description of it. Thank you for picking this one.


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