Ocean-in-a-Bottle Craft for Kids

Enjoy the beach without the crowds! Bring fun-in-the-sun to your home with this easy-to-make ocean-in-a-bottle craft.
What you will need
-          A clean bottle with cap
-          Water
-          Glue
-          Clear vegetable or mineral oil
-          Blue food coloring
-          A funnel (or small paper cup)
-          Glitter
-          Sand
-          Various charms, small shells, etc.

What you will do:
1.       Remove all labels from the bottle.
2.       Fill the bottle half-way with tap water.
3.       Add 2-3 drops of blue food coloring and swirl gently to mix.

4.       Using the funnel, add glitter.
5.       Add charms, sea shells, etc.
6.       Using the funnel, add the sand.
7.       Using the funnel, fill the rest of the bottle with the clear oil.

8.       Put glue around the rim of the bottle and seal on cap.

9.       Once the glue is dry, turn bottle on the side and gently rock it back and forth to make your own ocean waves!

Then, get ready for the beach with these great books:


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