Adult Crafts Programs @ the Library

I am not a crafty person.  I would like to be, but I lack the skill and patience to really make great things.  The current trend of being crafty and websites like Pinterest, have made it possible for me to try my hand at crafts, knowing full well that I will amass a huge collection of possible crafts while not doing a fraction of them!  I had the idea that there had to be other people out there like me, who want to be crafty but need easier crafts to start out with.

This past summer I tried a new program at the Twin Rivers Branch; Adult Crafts. We first made re-purposed wine bottles. They are spray painted with chalkboard paint. Once dry you can write on them with chalk and have a creative display piece.

This idea is not limited to just bottles.  Picture frames can be turned into some really great message boards. Just like the bottles, if you spray the glass with chalkboard paint, you have a great message board for your home, office, classroom, or anywhere.  You can also turn your frame into a dry-erase message board or put a solid piece of paper behind the frame or do something creative like a countdown to the next holiday or your next vacation.

For October, I went in search of some fall crafts. I found a lot of really great ones for kids and a lot of great ones for people with serious craft skills.  The library system is full of books for all ages on crafts and crafting. Nonfiction call number 745.5 has what you are looking for!

I went in search for some ideas and found that the Queen of Crafts, Martha Stewart had what I was looking for…kinda. Martha has amazing ideas and her book Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts was my starting point. I found a handful of ideas that I could simplify.

She has a whole section on making Silhouettes.  Her directions are intense and way too much work for me to manage.  For a simple holiday display, you really do not have to go through all that work.  Here is what I did to make my quick and cute fall crafts.
·        I found a picture frame that was not being used
·        I used Creative Commons to find a picture that I could reuse.
·        I printed the picture in black and white.
·        I cut the picture out and colored it in with a black marker.
·        I found a piece of orange paper and cut it to the size of the glass in my picture frame.
·        With a little glue, I attached the picture to the paper and put it in my frame.

Be sure to check out our October Adult Craft Program.  We will be making another simple fall craft and I will have more easy ideas like this one to share.

Fall Crafts for Adults
Saturday, October 19 at 2 pm
Twin Rivers Branch Library
276 Abbington Drive
To register call 609-443-1880


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