Create a Colorful Penguin Suncatcher

If you like penguins like I do, here is a fun craft project that will keep you busy for hours.

You will need:

Black paper
Orange paper
White paper
Hole punch
Tissue paper pieces
Clear shipping tape
Parchment paper
Glue stick


1.      First create the penguin body. Cut out a simple penguin shape from the black paper and then cut out a circle in the center. Set penguin body aside.

2.      Now it is time to cut out the body parts. Cut out two feet and a beak from the orange paper. Cut two wings from the black paper. Cut out two circles from the white paper and use a hole punch to create two pupils for the eyes with the black paper.


3.      Next you will decorate the penguin body. Use the shipping tape to cover one side of the center circle. (I placed a piece of parchment paper under the penguin so that the tape would not stick to the table.)

4.      Turn over your penguin and begin to place tissue paper on the sticky side of the tape. Make any pattern you want. It is okay if the tissue paper overlaps.

5.      After you have finished placing the tissue paper, put a few more pieces of shipping tape over the tissue paper to seal the body.

6.      Glue all the body parts to your penguin.

7.      Finally, hang your colorful penguin on your window. After you create a few penguins, just add some white paper to make a snowy hill and you will have a fun window display.

When you are done making penguins, have more fun with these books:

Penguins sliding on their tummies and swimming in the sea! Penguins cuddling for warmth and hiding in the shade! A wide variety of these irresistibly charming animals from climates warm and cold dance across the pages of Penguins, Penguins, Everywhere! Award-winning author and artist Bob Barner combines colorful collage images and whimsical verse to make this a funny, bouncy, informative introduction to the world of penguins. The simple text makes this book perfect for the youngest readers, but the array of penguin facts including the "Penguin Parade" with information on all 17 penguin species makes it an ideal choice for older readers as well.

Penguins by Rachael Hanel.
Author Rachael Hanel presents an instructive overview of these flightless birds. Featuring full color pictures and interesting details, readers will learn about the physical characteristics, habitats and social behaviors of the 17 different species.

Happy Birdday,Tacky! By Helen Lester.
Goodly, Lovely, Angel, Neatly, and Perfect have spent weeks planning the perfect party to celebrate Tacky's hatchday and, while nothing turns out quite as they expected, the penguins and their special guest have a wonderful time.

Penguins by Liz Pichon.
It is an ordinary day at the zoo. The penguins swim, eat fish, play penguin games, sleep standing up, look at people, and then look at more people. Everything is the way it should be until a little girl drops a camera into the penguin area...

Briana C.


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