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The Academy Awards will be on March 2nd. For most people, these awards are about the films. Then there are those people who watch them not only to see who goes home with the Oscar, but rather (and to some, more importantly) what they are wearing on the red carpet! I am one of those people who watch for both.  It is exciting to see what is new, what the latest trends are, who pulled it off and, let us face it, who is a complete train wreck.

You might suddenly have this desire to know what is “in” or just what looks chic and glamorous. Or perhaps you are impressed by a certain designer.  You might be inspired to try something different, update your wardrobe, or learn something new about the fashion industry. Grab a bowl of popcorn, take a look at one of the books listed below, and have your own red carpet moment.

The thoughtful dresser: the art of adornment, the pleasures of shopping, and why clothes matter by Linda Grant
"For centuries, an interest in clothes has been dismissed as the trivial pursuit of vain, empty-headed women. Yet, clothes matter, whether you are interested in fashion or not, because how we choose to dress defines who we are. How we look and what we wear tells a story. Some stories are simple, like the teenager trying to fit in, or the woman turning fifty renouncing invisibility."

The truth about style by Stacy London
The author, the style savant cohost of TLC's What Not to Wear, examines the universal obstacles all women, including herself, put in their way. She moves beyond the often intimidating seasonal trends of fashion to the more valuable and enduring concept of style: a way to dress that enhances and celebrates who they really are. For anyone who has ever despaired of finding the right clothes, this book is a guide to expressing your truest self.

Style A to Zoe : The art of fashion, beauty, and everything glamour by Rachel Zoe
One of Hollywood's hottest celebrity stylists, Rachel Zoe, shares her insider tips in this essential guide to the art of a fashionable, behind-the-velvet-rope lifestyle.  Zoe shares her invaluable insights on mastering red carpet moments in your own life, developing a style for work or play that is unstudied and glamorous, and personalizing your own modern look by referencing your favorite style icons and vintage clothes.

Tim Gunn's fashion bible : the fascinating history of everything in your closet byTim Gunn
With the candidness, intelligence, and charm that made him a household name on Project Runway, Tim Gunn  explains how the 1960s ruined American underwear, why cargo capri pants are a plague on our nation, and much more. He will make you see your wardrobe in a whole new way.

I have nothing to wear! : a painless 12-step program to declutter your life so you never have to say this again! by Jill Martin
"Every woman knows the feeling: the anxiety, the dread, and the utter certainty that despite all the options in the overcrowded closet before her, she has nothing to wear. Jill Martin--fashion expert --has created a fun and practical 12-step program to help even the most seemingly hopeless cases. I Have Nothing to Wear is the perfect guide through the minefield of modern fashion, showing readers how to edit their wardrobes and choose the perfect ensembles for work, play, and love."

The power of style : everything you need to know before you get dressed tomorrow by Bobbie Thomas
This guide provides information to feel stylish, smart, sexy, and satisfied-- with a look that is uniquely your own-- in order to become your most confident and beautiful self.  Take full advantage of the fashion tips and tools that Bobbie Thomas lays out, including how to identify your best colors, how to select the most flattering clothes for your individual shape, how to edit your closet, and how to shop smart-- to harness the power of self-expression.

The fashion file: advice, tips, and inspiration from the costume designer of Mad Men by Janie Bryant
From Joanie's Marilyn Monroe-esque pencil skirts to Betty's classic Grace Kelly cupcake dresses, the clothes worn by the characters of the phenomenal Mad Men have captivated fans everywhere. Now, women are trading in their khakis for couture and their pumas for pumps. Bryant's book will peek into the dressing room of Mad Men and reveal the design process behind the various characters' looks, and will also help women learn how fashion can help convey their personality.

The gospel according to Coco Chanel: life lessons from the world's most elegant woman by Karen Karbo
A modern look at the life of a legendary fashion icon--with practical life lessons for women of all ages.  Delving into the long, extraordinary life of renowned French fashion designer Coco Chanel, Karen Karbo has written a new kind of self-help book, exploring Chanel's philosophy on a range of universal themes--from style to passion, from money and success to femininity and living life on your own terms.

The complete book of Oscar fashion : Variety's: 75 years of glamour on the red carpet by Reeve Chase
“The day after the Academy Awards ceremony, movie fans are as abuzz about what the stars wore as about who won. Who can forget Cher looking like a seductive alien rooster in a skimpy Bob Mackie outfit with feathered headdress, or Bjork showing up with a swan wrapped around her neck?” -Publishers Weekly. Chace, a fashion and beauty reporter, presents insider fashion gossip and expert style analysis on hundreds of amazing gowns seen at the Academy Awards through history.

Luxe fashion : a tribute to the world's most enduring labels by Caroline Cox
Celebrating the most hallowed fashion brands, from Herm├Ęs of Paris and Burberry of London to legendary US labels such as Brooks Brothers, this lush and sophisticated volume will captivate and inform even the most avid fashion devotee. Each featured brand is beautifully illustrated with historical and contemporary imagery that contributes to the story of how artisans from all over the world have endured because of their superb quality, superior craftsmanship, and timeless design appeal.

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