Looking Forward To An Adventure?

The onset of spring often brings with it consideration of vacation plans and destinations.  The smart traveler will wish to do some armchair exploring beforehand to decide on a destination, the highlights to take in while there, and what you will need for the trip.

The print, audio-visual and electronic resources available through the Mercer County Library System can help you with planning and preparing for your trip.

The Library System has an extensive collection of travel literature for destinations in virtually every part of the world.  Considering a trip to London with children?  Try Fodor’s Around London With Kids or Time Out: London for Children.  Or perhaps the Pacific?  There is Frommer’s Hawaii With Kids along with a number of other locations in its “…With Kids” series.

There are exotic locations galore, too.  We have guidebooks for Costa Rica, the Greek Islands, Jamaica, Los Cabos and the Baja Peninsula, African Safaris, the Virgin Islands, Vancouver and the San Juan Islands, and the Danube Valley.  There are guides for a plethora of U.S. destinations as well.  You will find guides for states from Alaska to New England, U.S. National Parks, cities like Seattle, Portland, and Chicago, entertainment attractions such as Walt Disney World, and a host of places in between.

If you would like to sample some of the scenery before you decide, try some of our travel DVDs.  (In fact, The Silk Road, Great Historic Sites of the World, 33 Great Cities of Europe, Southern Ethiopia, Passage Through Chile’s Tierra del Fuego, Dreamin’ California’s Coast, Africa’s Lost Eden, Wine Road Trips, Visions of Wales, Secrets of Shangri-La, and Rails Across Russia: St. Petersburg to the Pacific.
even if you are not considering a trip, you might wish to view some of them.)  You will find DVDs with such alluring titles as

Need a map to get a sense of distances, locations and topography?  Try the Google Maps Gallery for an enormous range of contemporary and historical maps, theme and demographic maps, and geological surveys drawn from the collections of the National Geographic Society, governmental organizations, private and cartographic libraries, such as the David Rumsey Map Collections, as well as other repositories.

Need help with the language spoken in the place you are visiting?  Try one or both of our premier online language learning programs, Pronunciator and Mango Languages.  Both are available to our patrons at home or while away, and each has garnered accolades for the ingenuity and effectiveness of their respective approaches to language learning.  Periodic classes on the use of these databases are offered at the Lawrence Branch.  Both programs are available through our website.

- Jim S.


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