National Craft Month

March is National Craft Month and there is no better time to try a new craft or hobby! The Craft and Hobby Association says that crafts:

Bring Families Together – Spend quality family time on a vast number of enjoyable activities that can save money, while producing handmade gifts, jewelry and home decorative items.

Relax and De-Stress – Pick a craft to sharpen your senses and focus your attention.

Create Lasting Memories – Create a special moment for a loved one, while highlighting achievements or performances in a scrapbook or display.

Make Family Connections – Frame-it-yourself photo montages can proudly display family trees and accomplishments for everyone to see.

Salvage and Reuse old items – Recycle and add beauty to any room by crafting discarded mirrors, windows or other household items into works of art.

Revive Clothing and Jewelry – Create beaded fashion necklaces and bracelets that match favorite clothing or school colors

Entertain Kids and Pets – Develop matching outfits and accessories for kids and favorite pets. For instance, many fashion-conscious adults would love to match their beloved Chihuahua’s sweater with a revamped purse or tote bag.

The Library System has many books and programs that will help you in your crafting journey.

Here are some popular areas to look for craft books:
736.98 – Paper folding and origami
738      – Pottery and ceramic crafts
739      – Jewelry making
741      – Drawing
745.5   – Craft books (Martha Stewart and other holiday craft ideas)
746      – Sewing, Needlepoint, knitting, crocheting, quilting, beadwork
747      – Home remodeling and decorating
748      – Crafting with glass
751      – Painting
764      – Silk screening
770      – Photography

Take a look at the library program calendar to find a crafting program for yourself or a child!

Here is an easy craft for you to try. It follows the design of a simple Friendship Bracelet.

Friendship Ear Buds

Supplies: (#1 & 2)
Headphones, string, scissors, tape, and glue (not pictured).

To get started: (#3) Tie the string onto the end of the cord with a knot.  (#4) Leave the string a couple of inches long. (#5) Keep this string parallel with the cord and it will get covered up as you make your first few knots.

Step 1: (#5) Bring the string under the ear bud cord leaving a loop on the right for your hand to fit through.
Step 2: Reach through the loop, grab the ball of string, and pull it through.
Step 3: Pull the string tight against the cord, as you can see in the next two pictures: (#6)

You can keep going with just the one color or you can do like I did and make yours multiple colors. As you did with the tail of your knot, hold your next color against the headphone cord and knot around it. I did about 4 or 5 knots before switching colors (#7-9).

It is as easy as that!  Continue on down the cord until you are done.  At the end, cut off the string leaving an inch long section of string.  Wrap the tail around the cord and glue in place with super glue, or another glue of your choice.

- Amelia R.


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