Get Your Ideal Job With Research!

Learning about prospective employers can get you the job over hundreds of other applicants. Research produces information beyond reading a company website or Googling a company name. Your local librarian has tools to assist you with job searching.

The Reference USA database lists 24 million businesses and organizations in the United States. useful job searching technique. With Reference USA, it still is a successful approach! Consider how knowing the following information will improve your job search:

A list of companies which need your skills
A list of competitors – more job prospects!
The name of the hiring manager and other executives
The number of employees and locations

Say you are a nurse and want to find which employers are close to your home.  A list of 96 organizations was produced using Reference USA by inputting “nursing” as the business type and a “20 mile radius” from home as the geography in a custom search. By evaluating the data in this list, you can make a record of companies to research further while recording the information bulleted above.

Sometimes there will be job listings on a company website that did not come up when you searched popular job search websites. Check the websites of all the companies of interest in your Reference USA list.

After you have investigated a company’s website to gage their potential interest in your skills and experience, go to Ebscohost. Find articles from technical journals, newspapers and business publications. In this research, learn whether the company shows economic promise/stability or should be rejected as a potential employer. When you get an interview, you will be able to explain how your skills will help take the company in its chosen direction.

 “Knocking on the door of any employer, factory or office that interests you, whether they are known to have a vacancy or not,” is 47% more likely to result in employment, according to What Color is Your Parachute by Richard Nelson Bolles. What method is better? Networking. If you are too shy to knock on the door, post your resume and cover letter on the website of your target companies and contact the hiring manager to inquire about future potential opportunities while mentioning how the company will benefit from your expertise.

Reference USA and Ebscohost databases are located on the database page of the Mercer County Library Website. Your library card will allow you to access the information from home or you can use a PC at the library. Stop by or call your local branch for assistance using Reference USA or Ebscohost and to find numerous books on job hunting, resume and cover letter writing, and interviewing.

Further Reading:
 “Jersey Works: Where the Jobs Are” by Amanda Staab, posted February 18, 2014, describes the five industry sectors showing the most growth in New Jersey.

Knock 'em Dead : the ultimate job search guide by Yate, Martin John.

What Color is Your Parachute: a Practical Manual for Job-hunters and Career-changers by Bolles, Richard Nelson.

- Jennifer Worringer, Hickory Corner Branch


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