National Humor Month

If you have a funnybone and you have picture book readers, celebrate National Humor Month with some of these titles!
Mo Willems is known for his unusual take on the ordinary and his laugh-out-loud style. We Are in aBook! is just one of the hilarious works where Elephant and Piggie find they are inside of a book and are being read.  The perspective from which Willems reaches out to emerging readers will have you laughing too.

Oliver Jeffers, author of The Incredible Book Eating Boy, presents an engaging book to read to preschool and school-age children, and also provides a story that poses some thoughtful messages about what it means to be smart.  In the story, a boy starts eating books - a nibble at first and later whole books - and he thinks he is becoming smart, smarter than his teacher.  When he gets ill and his loses his sense of smartness, he finds another use for books, one that will also make him smart.  Kids gobble up this book.  Do not forget to look at the end pages!

What Does the Fox Say by Svein Nyhus, adapted into print from the YouTube dance and song video of the same name, is equally funny.  Nyhus explores animal sounds, but makes it clear in a tongue twisting, rhythm thumping way, that the fox has much more to say. 

Mem Fox’s picture book, A Particular Cow, features a “particular” cow who goes on her “particular” morning walk, and usually nothing happens until one “particular” Saturday, when she meets a “particular” postman, three “particular dogs,” a “particular” party of children and more.  This is a humorous look at our old friend cow.

Margie Palatini has us laughing on our storytime mats with her picture book, The Cheese.  This is a hilarious riff on the favorite nursery rhyme “The Farmer in the Dell.”  Readers will discover what really happened to that hunk of cheddar.

As the saying goes, humor is good for the soul.  This is especially true for emerging readers.  If you have them laughing, they will become focused on books.  If they are focused on books, chances are they will look forward to reading, have a greater vocabulary, and greater reading comprehension.  So make them giggle, chuckle, smile and laugh out loud.  Happy National Humor Month!

- Nancy D.


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