Kids' Craft-Rain Stick

Between the scorching heat and pouring rain, many families have spent more time indoors this summer than preferred. The Rain Stick craft is easy to make from household items and will keep your kids entertained. After making the craft, you can talk about our recent thunderstorms and compare summer storms to spring rain. Follow the directions below to make your own rain stick and create an indoor storm!

What you’ll need:

-          Paper towel tube
-          Uncooked rice
-          Aluminum foil
-          Construction paper
-          Glue/tape
-          Scissors
-          Markers/crayons, stamps, stickers, etc.
What you’ll do:
1.       Trace the end of the paper towel tube onto construction paper twice.
2.       Cut a larger circle around the traced one and cut fringes into the paper towards the traced circle.

3.       Place one circle over paper towel tube opening and fold fringes up and around the tube and glue or tape in place.
4.       Cut a sheet of aluminum foil 1.5 times the length of the paper towel tube.
5.       Cut the sheet of aluminum foil in half and roll each half into a “snake” shape.
6.       Curl each piece around your finger or a pencil.

7.       Place both curled pieces of aluminum foil into paper towel tube and add desired amount of rice.
8.       Cover other end of paper towel tube with the other cut out circle and glue or tape in place.
9.       Decorate a piece of construction paper with markers, crayons, stamps, stickers and more.
10.   Glue or tape construction paper around the paper towel tube.

11.   Slowly turn the paper towel tube over to hear the sound of rain and enjoy one of these books:

Split!Splat! by Amy Gibson
      Rain by Manya Stojic
      Rain! by Linda Ashman

- Liz H.


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