Fit Is Fun!

Why am I planning my leisure activities weeks in advance? The United States celebrates Family Health and Fitness Day on September 27, and I want to be ready. Maybe I will play tennis with my family. Or maybe we will fly kites in Mercer County Park. But wait—taking a hike through Etra Lake Park sounds nice, too. We could refuel with a picnic lunch of yogurt smoothies, and peanut butter and apples. Whatever activity we choose, we will be taking positive steps to stay active and healthy.

We often hear that staying fit helps you live longer. Did you know that staying fit also boosts your quality of life? Everything is more fun when you feel good! If you are not quite on track to a healthy lifestyle, do not worry. Just decide that today is the day you will make a change. You can choose to start small, with a few changes in your daily activities or a few tweaks to your menu. On the other hand, some radicals find it easier to overhaul their activity level and eating plan all at once.

Dukan Diet Attack Phase Sample Menu Day 1
Eating a healthful, well-balanced diet can prevent some illnesses, such as diabetes and obesity. Parents of young children will appreciate the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Nutrition: What Every Parent Needs to Know (edited by William H. Dietz and Loraine Stern).

A smart meal plan can also alleviate the symptoms of some illnesses. Read Natural Solutions for Digestive Health, by Jillian Sarno Teta and Jeannette Bessinger, to discover eating tips for those with acid reflux, IBS, ulcers, and other digestive problems.

Dad and Daughter Soccer
Exercise can combat the pain of certain illnesses, such as arthritis and sciatica. Watch the e-video Sit and Be Fit: Arthritis Workout, available through hoopla; just ask any reference librarian how to stream it on your PC or mobile device. Or check out these DVDs from your local branch:

Whatever your fitness and comfort level, you will find helpful resources at the library. Now … get moving!

-Mary A.