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CES 2015 - What's Trending in Tech

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) wrapped last month in Las Vegas and, as usual, featured some interesting new technology that you may start seeing or hearing about soon. A full wrap-up of the event can be found on C|net, Mashable, Engadget, and USA Today among many others. Here are a few items these websites have featured as either a hot gadget, unusual, or something so neat it should start trending this year

C|net has a review of Soundwall, which is pretty much a speaker that doubles as a piece of artwork (or vice versa). The device uses WiFi or Bluetooth to play music from your mp3 player, phone or tablet while at the same time displaying a piece of artwork. The artwork is high-end fine art, so the prices vary depending on which piece you choose to display. The Soundwall website features a catalog of the available pieces.

Another device featured on the C|net review that would count as unusual is the Petcube. Set-up the Petcube in your pet’s favorite room and you can monitor Fido or Fluffy while you are away from home. The cube features an HD video camera for the monitoring, but also has audio abilities and a laser so you can engage a bored looking or misbehaving pet from your office by using the app for your smartphone or tablet.

If you need to track a human, a very small human, instead of a pet, C|net reviewed another device you can get right now – the Pacif-i. Billed by the manufacturer as the world’s first Bluetooth smart baby pacifier, the device is designed to take a baby’s or toddler’s temperature and track medicine doses. The device reports back to an app installed on a smartphone or tablet.

In terms of tech fashion, Engadget has a review of the tech handbag from Leoht. The yet-to-be released bag is designed to double as a charger for all your gadgets, making it easier to power-up on the go. The bag has a battery in the bottom as well as LED lights inside the main bag to help locate small items when you are fishing around for your keys, etc.

Engadget also has an exclusive review of the Bragi Dash headphones, another product that is yet to be released but should be popping up in the next few months. The device is more than just headphones; it has a full-featured fitness monitor and motivator with a touch of mp3 player thrown into the mix. Full details can be found in the review or on the company’s Kickstarter campaign page.

USA Today’s review of CES 2015 featured a quick article on the top 5 trends to look for this year based on the devices on display at the convention. Not surprisingly, there was mention of the 4K TV standard that has been on the horizon for a while, as well as how important the smartphone continues to be in terms of linking all your tech together and being able to keep tabs on everything important to you while you are on the go (not limited to the pacifier or pet monitor mentioned above). The biggest trend seemed to be in transportation, with drones and cars at the center. And not to be outdone by the other outlets in terms of reviews, USA Today did offer up a video review of a new smart toothbrush designed to help teach kids proper dental hygiene.

Like USA Today, Mashable featured more of a set of reviews about the show and general trends than specific products. Their main review concluded that “the future is ultra-high resolution, connected and driverless,” noting the biggest trends are the connected home, high-res monitors and TVs, and car technology. The site seems to see the biggest trend in the SmartHome area, with lots of connected devices and appliances that can do everything from let you turn up the heat just before you leave work to reporting the expiration date on the milk in the refrigerator (or let you know to add ice cream to the grocery list after the late-night visit someone made to the freezer). Of course who can resist making up a list? Mashable agrees and, as part of their CES review, included are two that are fun to take a look at – a list of their favorite devices from the show (a belt that expands as you eat!) and a list of the weirdest things (yes, the belt was too “normal” for this list).

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