The Ones That Got Away ...

You love music. Me too. The Universal language, right? You listen to your favorite radio station, CDs, maybe LPs, youtube, etc. and yet there is something nagging you. What was that song? Who did it?
Rolling Stone Album Guide, 1000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die
Usually I can find what I am looking for in the Rolling Stone Album Guide, 1000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die, "Who sang/recorded..." sites or just a general search of the web.

Not this time.

My parents had some 78's when I was young. For those who do not know what a 78 is, it is a 10-inch disc made of a composite of shellac, fine ground stone and fiber that is recorded upon by cutting grooves into its surface and then is spun on a turntable at 78 revolutions per minute while a needle made of steel is positioned to ride in the groove and vibrate, thereby recreating the sound.

Too much info? Yes. I am old. Be that as it may, one of these recordings was of a song called "Off Shore." I recall it having a black label with white or silver lettering. The label brand may have been "Sail," “Wing” or "Mercury." I am kind of fuzzy on that. I do recall nearly wearing it out. The song was a very moody piece performed by a solo chromatic harmonica backed by a piano and a small band. I do not believe there were any violins but, if there were, they were not the typical syrupy slosh that accompany many of the recordings of the early 50's. One very distinguishing characteristic is that it ends with fog horns fading into the distance. Very cool. The flip side of the disc was entitled "Butchie’s Tune," “Eddie’s Tune,” “Elmer’s Tune”…somebody’s tune…not that important except as a reference to the recording I want.

I have moved many, many times and during one of my moves the record was broken. Hoping to be able to fix it somehow, I kept it for many years but then found it was beyond repair. It was discarded. Foolish. I didn't write down the artist’s name who recorded the piece.

It was written by Leo Diamond and recorded by him and several others including Richard Heyman, Earl Bostic, Ethel Ennis and Santo & Johnnie. For me it is one of the many songs I find looped in my head that keep playing and infinitum.

Do you have any "missing memory" songs?

I am still looking for this one and I will continue to do so.

Tenacious? A bit.

The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of RockRolling Stone Album Guide, 1000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die, and other books referencing artists and songs are available through the Mercer County Library System.

-Jerry M.


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