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Two doggies
Okay, so now you have your new pet dog. What should you know? How do you keep it healthy? How many times should you walk it? How do you discipline your new pet? There are endless questions for new dog owners.

When my children were small, I had a dog and the responsibility of walking and feeding him rested with me. Scotty, our apricot poodle, was put up for adoption by our family when we moved to our new home. Fifteen years later, with grown children living on their own, my husband and I adopted two Shih Tzus from an organization called Animal Rescue Farm of Mercer. There are other options for pet adoptions, such as town animal shelters, pet stores and local kennels.

Mercer County has great dog parks. Recently, I visited Rosedale Park in Pennington, NJ. There are two dog parks, one for dogs 35 pounds and under, and the other for those over 35 pounds. When I was there, I sat on a bench and watched my furry children play. It felt like 33 years ago watching my children climb on the slides and swings!

The Mercer County Library System has various materials on dogs in the children’s and adult nonfiction sections – just look under 636.7.

My favorites are:
Four Puppy Book Titles
Please Don't Bite the Baby (and Please Don't Chase the Dogs) (2015) by Lisa Edwards
"[C]hronicles certified professional dog trainer Lisa Edwards' endearing and entertaining journey to ensure that her household survives and thrives when she introduces her son to her motley pack of animals. As Lisa knows all too well, the dog/child relationship is simultaneously treasured, misunderstood, and sometimes feared. In a twist, Lisa's dog training techniques inevitably seep into how she navigates her first year with baby to mixed but enlightening results,"

I Am Your Pet Dog by Matthew Rayner
Presents simple information about dogs and choosing one as a pet.

Totally Fun Things to Do with Your Dog by Maxine Rock
Discusses how to choose and take care of a pet dog and describes a variety of ways to have fun with your dog, from walking and playing catch to more elaborate games, dog shows, parties, and more.

The Puppy Book by Camilla Jessel
Text and illustrations follow a retriever as she gives birth to and cares for nine puppies.

Dog DVDs
May I Pet Your Dog?: The How to Guide for Kids Meeting Dogs (And Dogs Meeting Kids) (2007)
Also check out the picture book!

Train Your Dog (2003) with Nicole Wilde and Laura Bourhenne
Discusses the commands: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Heel, Leave It, Give, Wait, Gentle, Touch, Go to Bed; Housetraining; Potty Training; Door Behavior; Crate Training; Jumping Up; and Clicker Training.

The Loved Dog Way of Training by Tamar Geller (2008)
"Basic behavior dog training methods for the whole family--quick, easy, and fun!" Presents a humane approach to dog training, covering: how to build a relationship through language; the "stay" and "come" commands; using treats; the "sit" command.

Pet Emergency First Aid. Dogs (2004)
Topics discussed: Scene Safety, Muzzle, Rescue Breathing, CPR, Choking, Drowning, Fractures, Car Accidents, What’s Normal for My Dog, Shock, Poisoning, Snakebites, Hypothermia, Burns, Heat Stroke, Eye Injuries, Foot Injuries.

-Susan Seidenberg


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