What Are You Reading?

What are you reading?
If you watch television, you have seen numerous commercials and sitcoms mention getting together with your book club. We in the library system also encounter many patrons looking for books that they need to read “for their book club.” (This is often accompanied by either a big smile or a sigh depending on the excitement level for reading the chosen book!) There are many benefits to being part of a traditional book club - sharing your reading experience, socializing with friends - but often we do not have the time or cannot find a group that reads what we are interested in.

We have a solution.

Every Wednesday, stop by Mercer County Library’s Facebook page and post your answer to the question “What are you reading?” Share your thoughts on your latest favorite book, authors you like, books and authors you do not like, and/or DVDs and music you are watching and listening to. There is no pre-determined book to read and you can comment anytime it is convenient for you! Keep coming back to see what others have posted and feel free to join the conversation. Invite your friends to participate – if they are also pressed for traditional-book-club-time, this is a way to get together virtually and meet others, too. We started on Wednesday, January 6 and we are looking forward to seeing the discussion grow.

For those of you who are part of a traditional book club, we also want to know how you feel about the books you are reading! Maybe you did not get a chance to say as much as you wanted during your discussion – we would love to know what you are thinking.

If the whole concept of discussing a book is new to you, we can help get you started. Take a look at our list of book-club-in-a-bag titles – these are some good, meaty books that will give you a lot to think about. Search the internet for the name of the book and “discussion questions” to focus your thoughts during or after reading. Try LitLovers and goodreads to get more ideas. Many library branches have staff-led book discussions – drop in and see what they are talking about. And, of course, you can always ask a staff member directly for tips and titles.

If you do not feel like posting yourself, take a look anyway to get ideas for what you might like to read or watch or listen to next. You might even find your new favorite author.

-Andrea at the Hopewell Branch


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