And the Oscar Goes To ...

The winning picture in the Best Picture category at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony will mostly likely be based on a book.

Out of the eight nominated films, five are based on books:
Big Short; Brooklyn; The Martian; The Revenant; Room
One is loosely based on a book:
Then there are three movies nominated in other categories which are also based on books:
The Danish Girl; Steve Jobs; Carol
Hollywood has had a love of films based on books since the beginning of the award ceremony with 1929/1930’s Outstanding Production winner All Quiet on the Western Front based on Erich Maria Remarque’s novel. Some of these book-to-movie adaptations have been more than just great movies - they have helped usher in changes to the motion picture industry.
Gone with the Wind; Lord of the Rings: Return of the King; Godfather Part II
These book-to-movie adaptations do not only get nominated: they win a lot of awards:
Ben-Hur; West Side Story; English Patient; Slumdog Millionaire
Here are some more book related films that have set records:
One flew; Silence; East; Brokeback; 12 years; Precious
-Amelia R.


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