From Gardening to Stargazing

What better way to spend an afternoon than mixing it up with seeds and soil? You will not only give your children a sense of where food comes from, but will also spend some quality time with them. A couple of packets of seeds, some sun, and water are all you will need. With the help of little hands, you will have a wealth of food to prepare together at home in mere weeks or months. Watching your garden grow will give children a sense of discovery, and every step of gardening will be a learning experience. Listed below are some children’s gardening books to help you get started.
Let's Dig in the Garden; The Nitty-Gritty Gardening Book
Let’s Dig in the Garden by Tina Benjamin

The Nitty-Gritty Gardening Book by Kari A. Cornell
Cool Stuff to Grow; I Can Grow Things: Gardening Projects for Kids Shown Step by Step
Cool Stuff to Grow by Stephanie Turnbull

I Can Grow Things: Gardening Projects for Kids Shown Step by Step by Sally Walton

If your children are reluctant to delve into gardening, then perhaps an outdoor hike in one of our many parks might be more to their liking. Trail maps provide critical thinking tasks for children as they plot their course through the woods, over the bridge, and to the lake. You will want to take field guides with you so your children can identify birds, animals, bugs, and flowers. Listed below is a popular guide:

Can You Find These Birds?
Can You Find These Birds? by Carmen Bredeson

N.J. Parks and Forests Directory

Stargazing is another wonderful way to share science and beauty with your children. A blanket, perhaps jackets, a clear night, and your family can experience the wonder and enormity of the night sky. If your children read about constellations in advance, they may be able to identify them. It will be a night they will remember! Below is a guide to the constellations:

The Kids’ Guide to the Constellations
The Kids’ Guide to the Constellations by Christopher Forest

Stargazing in New Jersey
-Nancy Demme


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