My Kingdom for a Bar of Chocolate

Chocolate Cake
Recently, there has been a lot of frightening news about an impending chocolate shortage in the world. I know, scary stuff, right? But truthfully, chocolate has become its own food group in most households. Besides being delicious, desirable and necessary at times, it makes you feel good by releasing endorphins in your brain. With so many benefits, it is truly a super food (at least for me)!

However, due to drastic weather pattern changes and unsustainable farming techniques, cocoa is becoming very scarce. There has also been a steep increase in demand for the delectable delight. Previously, many countries that were unable to afford luxuries now have disposable income that is being spent on chocolaty goodness, thus raising the demand for what has now become a staple in almost everyone's diet. As a result, people around the world are eating more chocolate than farmers are able to grow. And can you blame them? Cocoa comes in all different tastes and textures,
Coca Plant
ranging from the deep and dark (YUM) to the milky and frothy (YUM).

ChocolatThere are numerous recipes that incorporate chocolate or cocoa as a main ingredient as well as recipes that use cocoa powder for just a delicate hint of chocolate flavor. Similarly, chocolate happens to be an important ingredient in many fictional books and movies as well-- sometimes becoming its own character in the storyline. In the movie quite aptly named Chocolat, starring Juliete Binoche, Johnny Depp, and Alfred Molina, chocolate is a constant thread through the entire movie. The movie is based on a decadent novel written by Joanne Harris and has been made into a beautiful visual confection. Filmed entirely in France, the story revolves around a woman who happens to be an expert chocolatier and opens up a chocolate shop in a small village. This movie is truly bittersweet because it takes on many elements of the human condition and leaves you wanting more.
There are many well written fictional books and stories for children that incorporate chocolate within the storylines, such as The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Catling, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, and The Chocolate Thief by Laura Florand. These stories often incorporate morals for young children using humorous scenarios, as well as the yummy delight as part of the narrative. One novel written for a more adult audience that comes to mind is Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel. It is a unique narrative that inspires deep emotions throughout. It is definitely one of the books that I enjoy rereading from time to time.
Like Water for Chocolate
My love for all things chocolate is quite extensive. From books to movies...from dark chocolate-covered espresso beans (my favorite) to good old chocolate chip cookies (my other favorite) and everything in between, just the thought of a blissful bite of chocolate always manages to put a satisfied smile on my face. So....go put a smile on YOUR face! Curl up with a favorite book or movie from the library and treat yourself with some chocolaty goodness...while there is still some left in the world!

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-Kaneeze H.


  1. A chocolate shortage?? Oh no!

  2. As a fellow chocolate lover, I agree! I love it all too!

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