Road Trip Audio: Audiobooks for Long Drives

Winding Road
Some of my favorite summer memories are of piling into the car with my three sisters and parents to visit our family up and down the east coast. My mom was never a fan of flying so I was used to long car rides by the time I was in kindergarten. Looking back, I am not sure how my parents dealt with four girls chatting, fighting, and getting carsick for hours at a time… I loved being cozy in the backseat and playing “I Spy” or “I’m Going on a Picnic”. This was before cars came equipped with DVD players so our family spent a lot of time creating our own fun.

As I got older, I carried on the road trip tradition with friends, partners, and even alone. I look forward to each trip with the same enthusiasm as when I was a kid, but being stuck in a car for too long still requires some form of distraction. As you are heading off in the car this summer, whether for a short weekend or cross-country, you are bound to get bored of the radio. Instead, try listening to an audiobook to keep you entertained on your adventure. Read below for audiobook suggestions for your next road trip.

Traveling with kids?

The Incredible Journey by Sheila Every Burnford and Megan Follows
The Incredible Journey, which was the inspiration for the now classic movie Homeward Bound, appeals to listeners of all ages. The three main characters are a Labrador Retriever, English Bull Terrier, and a Siamese cat. Their adventure will touch your heart and make you laugh during your own adventure.

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Traveling alone?

Introvert Power by Laurie Helgoe, PhD
Introverts are perfectly happy traveling with books as their only companions. Intovert Power celebrates the inner strength of introverts and the mark they can make on the world.

The Apartment by Danielle Steel

Traveling with friends?

The Apartment by Danielle Steel
You may be too busy catching up to hear the audio, but for those quiet moments Danielle Steel is sure to suit everyone’s tastes. Her latest novel, The Apartment, follows five women living together in Hell’s Kitchen as they become friends and go through life.

Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

Traveling with your partner?

Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari
Comedian Aziz Ansari (Tom from Parks and Recreation) presents academic research on dating in the 21st century with his signature wit and charm. You and your partner can laugh about the realities of dating online knowing you will not have to suffer through them.

These titles and more are available to borrow with your library card. Check out books on CD by using the online catalog or going to your local branch. You can download digital titles from eLibraryNJ and hoopla.

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