Arts and Crafts Activities!

Arts and crafts activities are great for all ages, even adults. They relax the mind, and give us the opportunity to be creative. It is fun to create cool things and to use your imagination!

Children use various items while doing craft scissors for cutting, coloring and painting with brushes, pasting with glue. The exposure to shapes, letters and colors is more frequent and repeated. Engaging in crafts activities develop their eye-hand coordination. This is very important to help children to learn to write.  When children describe their craft to adults, this develop child’s verbal communication skills, important for success in schools. Craft activities help in critical thinking and regulate their emotional responses and teach them working in group.

Many times, parents want to do arts and crafts with their children but do not know what to do and how to do them. Creative activities are a great way to engage and bond with children and create lasting memories. The Mercer County Library System provides many programs for children that involve crafts.  Check our website,, for crafts and story-times the branches offer.

We also have a great collection of arts and crafts books for all ages:

Stellar science fiction crafts / by Jen Jones.
Summary:  Stories that are out of this world need projects that blast off the page too! Create crafts that go beyond everyday imagination. Readers can learn more with bonus videos accessed through a Capstone 4D app.

Play with art / Hunt, Rachael Parfitt,
Summary: The perfect starting point for teaching your little one about all types of art, delve into more than 50 fun art projects for kids. From hand printing and sponge painting to mapmaking and origami animals, this is the perfect book for a little learner starting on their art journey.

Origami arts and crafts / AzzitĂ , Emanuele
Summary: After readers familiarize themselves with the origami symbols and easily accessible types of paper to use, they will follow illustrated step-by-step instructions to create fun origami arts and crafts such as a bracelet, a piano, a sailboat, and a colorful dodecahedron. A glossary helps readers learn new vocabulary, and a further reading section with books and websites encourages further exploration of the topic.

The craft-a-day book: 30 projects to make with recycled materials / Cornell, Kari
Summary: These thirty crafts combine creative ideas and recyclable materials to make items you'll want to wear, use, or gift. They may even lead to new ideas of your own! Ready, set, let's get crafting.

Karina Garcia's must-try DIYs: 20 crafts & life hacks / Garcia, Karina,
Summary: Unleash your creativity with these 20 easy do-it-yourself projects from YouTube sensation Karina Garcia. In this follow-up to her bestseller, Karina Garcia's DIY Slime, Karina provides step-by-step instructions for her favorite crafts and hacks including ten never-before-seen projects and the latest craze, fidget spinners! Plus, Karina reveals the keys to keeping her fun-loving and positive outlook through behind-the-scenes peeks and personal stories that are sure to inspire. Perfect for birthdays, rainy days, and fun days for ages 10 and up.

Here is a fun activity that can be created together: Making a paper plate flower basket

Materials required:

  • 2 paper plates
  • Pencil to draw/trace
  • Scissors
  • Green paper
  • Multi-color paper for flowers 


  • Draw a semi-circle on both paper plates and cut them out.

  • Draw a flower on each colored piece of paper except the green, and cut them out

  • Draw and cut out the stem and leaves on the green piece of paper.

  • Glue the stems and leaves on the back and bottom of one paper plate as illustrated below. 

  • Glue the flowers on the stems. Glue the second plate on top of the first.

  • Decorate the front of your basket.

Enjoy your creation!
- Chetna Kukreja, Ewing Branch


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