Time to Craft and Learn

Fall brings chillier weather and shorter days, both of which are great reasons to get crafty indoors! Make this upcycled alarm clock craft from an old CD and learn a bit about telling time while stretching your creative muscles.

You Will Need:

An old CD

  1. Markers/crayons
  2. Craft foam or construction paper
  3. Pushpin or brass fastener
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue 

What to do:

1. Create a “barbell” shape out of construction paper or craft foam to be the two bells on top of the alarm clock. Cut out and glue to the back of the CD (the non-shiny side) at the top.

2. Cut out 12 small circles from craft foam or construction paper to create each hour on the clock. Write numbers 1-12 on the circles and place in numerical order on the CD. Optional: I used circular stickers or you can write the numbers directly on the CD in permanent marker.

3. Draw and cut out the hour and minute hands from construction paper or craft foam. Have your child color or decorate these as he/she wishes.

4. Cut out a square of craft foam, cardboard, or Styrofoam and glue on the back of the clock over the center hole of the CD.

5. Flip the clock over to its front side and attach both clock hands to foam/cardboard through the center hole using your pushpin or brass fastener.

Use your clock craft with your young child along with some books and DVDS on telling time:

Telling Time

Telling Time by Jules Older

Telling Time by Ann Matzke

The Clock Struck One: A Time-telling Tale by Trudy Harris

- Miss Liz, Hightstown Branch