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hoopla has released some great new content and their collection of music, movies, television shows, eBooks, audiobooks, and comics is constantly growing. There is something for everyone with this service, all you need is your library card.

If you are new to hoopla or haven’t used the service in awhile take some time to read our blog post – Find Out What All The Hoopla is About! to learn the basics about this streaming service.

Here are some features that will enhance your usage of hoopla:

If you ever need to check to see if hoopla is working properly, but did not want to waste one of your ten monthly checkouts, hoopla has you covered. When browsing audiobooks, movies, music, comics, and eBooks, you can select to have the items displayed by collections. In each of these media types there is a collection of demos. These demos work just like regular items – except these you can checkout and view to see how they display on your web browser or device, or to check to see if something is not working correctly – all without affecting your monthly checkout allotment.


hoopla pairs with Google’s Chromecast so you can watch your streaming movies on your home television through the app and Chrome browser window.


If you are like me, you check out multiple CDs at a time. As with most music players, there is the option to shuffle the music. hoopla, however, also gives you the option to shuffle music across the CDs you currently have checked out on the app. This allows you to create a unique playlist based on your current musical tastes.

Kids Mode

Handing your device off to your child? Want to make sure your child does not watch or listen to anything inappropriate without hovering over them? hoopla has made it easy with their Kids Mode. You can quickly turn this feature on in your profile to filter out content that might not be appropriate for children 12 and under. You do not have to worry that they will start to watch that R-rated movie or a little-too-gory TV show. Then, when you get your device back, simply turn off Kid’s Mode and finish watching your content.

-Amelia R.


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